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Founded in 1909, the DBE is a nonprofit, charitable organization, the beneficiaries of which are four District Homes for people of all nationalities and many local charities around the US. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of women from many different backgrounds, but with common heritage and ancestry. It is the source of close and long-term friendships.

The National Society is divided into four geographical districts.

Our History

1909 -

This American based society was founded by a remarkable woman, Mrs. J. Elliot Langstaff.

1910 -

In order to achieve legal status as an American organization application was made to the State of New York for a corporate charter; this was granted on December 8, 1910.

1921 -

The first National President of the D.B.E. was Mrs. George Cooke Adams. On April 14, the signing of the Nation Covenant took place, named "Founders Day" and observed each year by all chapters.


1914 - 1918

After outbreak of WWI, chapters were formed in rapid succession with 76 being organized. D.B.E members were responsible for the largest War Relieve Fund raised by any British organization in the U.S.

1909 - 1915

During the early years, much philanthropic work was done in local communities and assistance given on an individual basis to elderly British women who were in need.  Mrs. Langstaff suggested that a home for the aged would serve as a "cohesive philanthropy in which each and all chapters could have a common interest," and so was born the concept of "Homes for the Aged," eventually to become the main objective of the D.B.E.

The Daughters of the British Empire in the United States of America (“DBE”) welcomes all women residing in the USA who are of British or Commonwealth of Nations birth or ancestry or whose spouses/partners are British or from the Commonwealth of Nations. The DBE is a large network of women with a common heritage who meet on a regular basis to raise funds and enjoy each other’s company. Women who are relocating, either nationally or internationally, and would like to meet other ex-pats and people with a common background and understanding, may find DBE in their new area. The DBE is a source of close and long lasting friendships.


National Board

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  • Edith Caponigro
    National President Born in Bowden, Cheshire, England and lived with my family in Manchester until I emigrated.. After receiving a high school certificate from Chorlton High, I continued my education and received a diploma from…
  • Pam Stewart
    National 1st Vice President Born in Reading, Berkshire. Spent my childhood in Oxfordshire and Surrey, England. Prior to emigrating to the U.S. in 1972, I worked for the British Government on a Royal Air Force…
  • Joy Kruger
    National 2nd Vice President Born and raised in Basingstoke, Hampshire and attended high school at St. Joseph’s Convent in Reading, Berkshire. Prior to moving to the States, I held the position of Marketing Events Manager…
  • Susan Johnson
    National 3rd Vice President Born and raised in Radcliffe-on-Trent, a small village on the outskirts of Nottingham in the Vale of Belvoir. Attended Rushcliffe Comprehensive School and later Clarendon College where I obtained the Private…
  • Barbara Bahler
    Recording Secretary Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mother was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and maternal grandparents were born and raised in Skipton, Yorkshire, England. Moved to California when father accepted employment in the San…
  • Kristen Bahler
    National Communications Secretary Born in Stockton, California. Graduated from San Joaquin Delta College (CA) with A.A.’s in Early Childhood Education and Liberal Studies, Sacramento City College (CA) with an A.S. in Library & Information Technology,…
  • Pamela Sweetman
    National Treasurer Born in Mancot, Wales was raised and educated in Saltney and Shotton, Wales. I attended the University of Chester, England and took additional Accounting courses at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA. In…
  • Shirley Condon
    National Organizer Born in Dannevirke, New Zealand and raised and educated in Auckland. Emigrated to the U.S. in 1964. I lived in Connecticut for many years and worked for a Swiss Brokerage Company in Greenwich,…